Goats and bars


Got to tour two abbeys this week:  Orval and Villers.  Well, Orval wouldn’t let me in (dog discriminators), but I got to walk around its perimeter while My Louis went in and touched old walls and whatnot.

Anyway, so while I’m laying at the pub near Villers Abbey,  minding my own business, the craziest thing catches my eye.


I’m like what the Eff is that?  Turns out there are these things called billy goats.


Weirdest looking beasts, but friendly despite the horns.  I bet I could play with one.

After the people finished their beer, we moved along, and OMG we found a bar for me!


So the peeps got another beer and let me party on while they sat under the shade of a tree.  I freaking love Belgium.  We’re never leaving here!

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