Summer is back!

Bark hoo we’re back at the bars!

Forgive my time away from posting. I’ve been too busy napping, but I’m ecstatic to report cafes are open and in full swing again. Another beloved violinist is on The Grand Place again as well. I love the music, but I liked the old guy better. I love lounging on beer-stained cobblestone so much that when my people try to go home, I tug them back to where all the action is. My only issue is a two minute walk takes a bit longer now, but my peeps are cool about it. There’s a plus to being ancient, the waiters love me even more now. They give me cookies and bits of raw steak. Yumdullah!

I’m still loving my walks as well, but that too takes a long time. Today, I made My Louis sit on the grass of Park du Poo, while I laid under a bush and watched middle school children make fun of their teacher lecturing about a blade of grass or plant or something. My french couldn’t decipher which.

Park du Poo is a haven of scents and sounds. I love it when we startle a human doing his or her business in the bushes. hehehe it’s more awkward for them than me. I love forcing my people to stop and admire the families picnicking, the college students weeding, the ballers competing on the too-small court, the other dogs defecating. When I move on to the great beyond, I will miss this place.

But, for now, I’m still licking, kicking and barking. And, I’m so damned grateful we can be around so many other people again. Sadly, I’m not going on as many vacations with the people. They’ve hired folk to stay at the apartment with me — all of whom spoil me terribly (yes please!). I get it, I’m super old, and while I love visiting new places with them, it does hurt being hauled in and out of the car. That said, today Joe is taking me to the vet for my monthly pain shot. I love that shit. Everyone should get it. Better than a face lift.

Well, I’m tired again. Time for a snack, lap of water and glorious nap time. My people put fans next to all of my doggie beds, so I’m always enjoying a soft breeze. Being old has its perks!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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