Blah days of winter

It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s stay indoors and watch the humans jam to what ever is on their big screen. Not much going on over here. The damp weather makes it harder for me to hoist up my haunches and keep them up, but my people have placed carpets all around the apartment, so that I can have some dignity and get up when I need to.

As you can tell it’s easy for me to keep my puppy face when I don’t need them to pick me up. I’m actually doing well for an old dog. Yeah the hips are a bitch, but I can still beg and bark with the best of them. I can even do my part during the rare snow day and make some …

Yellow snow baby! So we’re still breathing and surviving in Belgium. My folks have pretty much given up on exploring and making the best out of lockdown. It’s too cold and wet to drive into the woods — well the driving part is easy; it’s the hiking. So, we’re all snuggled up watching shows and movies while snacking — works for me! Spring is around the corner though, so we’ll just hibernate a little longer and then it’s back to sniffing buds and twigs all over the place.

Here’s to hoping you’re all safe, snuggled and with your loved ones too!

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