Snails are my new cheetoes

What up?

Check it out … Doc got me some new pills. Cannabis pills. Hot damn, I’m either running around sniffing and barking all over the place or chillin like nobody’s business.

Food tastes better too. Today, I discovered a new snack: snails in the park. My Louis almost had a heart attack trying to figure out what I was chomping on. Bark me! They’re crunchy AND meaty — way better than the corn chips she loves to drop all over the place. Hehehehe, plus it’s fun watching the humans freak out. It aint the snails that’ll do me in, but whatevs.

And, shit. I came in here to share something with you all, but I forgot. Oh well … hey Louis, turn on the doggie documentary on Netflix! Catch you all later. It’s chill time.

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