Wind looks good on me

All pics on this post are from my buddy Larissa Hennessy. She’s a great pup!

It’s autumn and one of my favorite times of the year! Love, love, love all the smells and snacks (my people eat and drop more from now until summer — yay me!) A few weeks ago we went to a Belgian beach town. I didn’t get to actually see the ocean because it was so windy and My Louis didn’t want me to get sand in my eyes. But lol she thought it was okay to take me on the dunes. She’s the love of my life, but she isn’t the brightest human on the planet.

That said, look at whose a good girl. She’s a better pointer than me!

We had such a fun weekend walking in the wind and feasting by a candle-lit fire. I didn’t sleep too great because of all the noise from things hitting our cottage — I don’t like being the pig in our fairy tale story; I’m supposed to be the damned wolf. But all went great because all that huffing and puffing did not blow our little house down.

But we did have to brace ourselves a bit while walking

The pandemic is closing shit down again, so we’re spending more time at home, which I’m totally cool with. My Lous gets a week break from work soon, and I’m bummed we’re not going to the Austrian cabin she booked (I totally want to howl on the alps before I cross the raindow bridge), but I’m thinking this means more Belgium trips, so I’ll have more to show off soon. I love all the walks we get to do together.

And I love that my humans use my handles to help me up the hills when my legs want to quit

So life is still good on my end, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. By the sounds of it we won’t have the amount of visitors we normally get, but we’ll still have lights, walks and plenty of food.

Here’s to plenty of more walks with my human pack!

1 thought on “Wind looks good on me

  1. Linda Bailey Zimmerman October 10, 2020 — 2:30 pm

    Badger glad to hear you’re out n about and enjoying my favorite time of the year!!
    You’ve got a great mom n dad!

    Liked by 1 person

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