Hey baby

Call me old, but I still make the bitches look
Come take my handles off and see what I can do

It’s been hot, hot, hot, but Dog Bless our new vehicle. It hit 100 degrees last Friday, so the people packed me up and headed for the hills. It was a glorious day. We literally got lost in the woods, which was way okay with us because it was a lot cooler in the forest than in our apartment.

Then temps went back to normal, so we toured the streets of Mons and did our normal pub stops.

Gotta love this city

We then picked up Bill and Scott, two of my favorites, and spent a day touring breweries and some town that loves dogs and war memorials. It’s all good I got lots of love and nibbles thanks to Scott’s slipping me some goodies. And, we had lots of shady, somber places to see.

The heat is back this weekend, so yesterday we escaped to Maredsous Abbey where it was still hot, but we sat in the shade. The folk sipped beer, and I people and dog watched — saw an adorable retriever, but she was way too young for me.

Basically, I’m just chilling wherever they take me. And chilling in the car while we’re moving from one place to the next.

And what can I say the ladies love me — even when I’m too hot to handle.

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