Conquering castles and couches

You’d be panting too climbing up these hills

We’ve been so barking busy I can’t even begin to tell you all that we’ve done. I’m so glad to be home napping, netflixing and chewing on treats again. I had a fantastic time sniffing 50 shades of green in Germany and Poland, but I’m exhausted and glad to be back in Mons. I hear we’re headed to the Grand Place later today, so woo hoo there’s some Maredsous in my near future. This old dog has earned that spilled beer.

Piesport, Germany

After spending a few days hiking the hills in Germany’s wine country, I’m beginning to understand My Louis’s love for wine. The hills just about killed me (thank god for my harness with handles; let Joe haul me up, screw doing it myself), but I do have to admit those grapes smelled sweet.


Then I got to visit my buddy in Bavaria, Jaeger. We had a blast peeing all over castle ruins and chasing bicyclists near his yard.

Let me loose so I can chase the ducks

But my favorite part of summer is always chilling with the folks after we’ve done our walky walks. This has been my favorite summer break by a long shot. I love all the country spots we sniffed and explored. I should’ve let myself fall more years ago. Had I known it would’ve tricked my people into taking me on their vacations, I would have.

It’s sunny and breezy in Mons today, and as you already know I’m happy to be home. I’m pretty much just popping in here to let you all know I’m still alive and panting. This Covid thing might suck for the humans, but damn I love having my folk around all the time.

Hoping you’re all having as good a summer as I am!

2 thoughts on “Conquering castles and couches

  1. Jager was very happy to have his buddy visit! Come back soon!!


    1. Badger barks that he misses his feisty little pal.


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